The Good News

The title of this section is called "The Good News" because this blog is about the amazing things people do to help others, and isn't that good news? I now have a few helpers of my own to keep this blog going. Hopefully you can use this as a resource when you are looking for ways to help or share your talents.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fresh Start Women's Resource Center

Fresh Start Women’s Resource Center serves as a beacon of light for women in the Valley of the Sun.  If there’s a service that the center does not furnish for women, then it provides the necessary information so that those services can be obtained.  Fresh Start’s main goal is to steer women in the right direction for them as well as their families.  Their motto is: educate a woman and you educate an entire family.

The Center is always there to support women who have no resources.  They advocate for women’s safety, health, success and welfare. 

Fresh Start Women’s Resource Center is there to support women who are currently homeless or live in an unsafe environment.  FSWRC can always assist women to find safe, temporary housing.  Also, the Center provides justice counseling for women with legal issues.

Fresh Start helps women to navigate their way through the AZ Department of Economic Services (DES) in order to obtain Food Stamps and/or AHCCCS.  As many already know, that is NOT an easy task.  FSWRC makes certain that all women get necessary healthcare services and enough food for their families.

Additionally, Fresh Start Women’s Resource Center helps women in updating resumes, learning social media, acquiring business skills, applying for jobs online and developing interview skills.  The Center also assists women in setting up email accounts, researching information online and honing computer and internet skills.      

Most importantly, FSWRC helps women to rebuild their self-esteem.  Fresh Start often provides professional clothing, hair care, and basic toiletries to women in need.  Fresh Start Women’s Resource Center knows that when a woman looks good, she feels good. 

Fresh Start is always available to support issues of safety, health, success and welfare for women.  Fresh Start Women’s Resource Center is an oasis in the Phoenix desert for women and their families……….

Renee Basnett